3 years ago
About Tagging
I just wanted to give everyone a good guide line on how to tag. In case your a little loss from the basics.

Here are a few buzz tags that are a must (If needed)
Ass, Breasts, Nipples, penis, balls, vagina, Pubic_Hair, Lewd, Nude, Topless, Bottomless, Color_Hair, Sims_Name.

The more tags you use the better it is for others, this allows people to find what they are looking for. So don't be afraid to use to many. If the Sim is wearing glasses, then tag in Glasses. Your sim wearing a skirt? Tag in Skirt. Your sim wearing nothing? Tag in Nude, Lewd, Topless, Bottomless.

Even if you didn't upload the image, tag it if you see its missing one! You won't get in trouble for miss tagging! There is no way to lose in it! So tag'em as you see'em!

If your in a hurry, at least tag in Lewd or Not_Lewd. If you mass uploaded images, maybe just tag a few, but we don't expect you to tag all of the million images you just uploaded.

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