3 years ago
Known Bugs!
Here is a list of known bugs, with additional info and possible fixes

*Usernames and Spaces
For unknown reasons, the host site allow users to use a space in their usernames. This causes problems for the admin controls and locked the account out. If you have a space in your username, please make a new account; or you risk becoming locked out.

examples: User_Name (NO) UserName(YES)

*Uploaded Image already exist
This bug happens when an image is removed from the booru. Even though the image does not show up on the website, it's data is still on the site. To get around this, the best fix as of now is to open the image in an image editing program, bring is resolution down by a few pixel, rename it, and it should upload.

Note: Do not use this fix to upload multi-copies of the same image. If this is an act of trolling or flaming, it will be dealt with without question.

This Thread Will Be Updated As More Bugs Are Found

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