3 years ago
Rules and Basic Info
This is a laid back place, we welcome anything Sims and anything /tsg/. But there are a few rules that will make everyone's day on tsgbooru a good day. Please respectfully follow them.

1. Do NOT post anything sexual or remotely sexual with children(or Loli). This is an insta-ban.

2. Do NOT post anything sexual or remotely sexual with animals. This is an insta-ban.

3. Using the terms "Avatarfag, CircleJerking, [SimName]Fag" in the means to offend or flame will get you warned if not banned if continued. This is not 4chan, leave the 4chan-talk to 4chan.

4. Please try and tag your images, this is not enforced seeing as we all have stuff to do, but if you can simply tag the image with "Lewd" depending on what is seen.
*A Lewd image is anything that would invoke sexual themes. If it shows a nude butt, nude cleavage, full nudity, penis, vaginas, bare breasts, nipples.* Misuse of tags will NOT get you banned.

Any posts before April, 25th, 2015 will not be banned for breaking these rules. But posts breaking these rules will be removed.

More info to come

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